Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Press 34's first publication, The Lion by Catherine Calabro, was also the first Press 34 Split. As the name implies, a split is comprised of two different formats within the 34 volumes. In this case, we made 17 books and 17 DIY poetry wall hanging kits.

The books featured knitted covers with embroidered titles. Each of the 17 books was unique.

The books sold out within 24 hours of putting them in our shop.

The wall hangings come in a DIY kit. The kit contains paperclips, reinforcements, the poems, and, of course, instructions; everything you would need to put it together.

We still have a few wall hangings for sale in our shop.

Up next from Press 34 is Study, a collection of photo triptychs by Chrissy Deiger. More details soon!

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